4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Epigenetics Congress

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Engage with pioneers and leaders from academia and industry and stay updated with the latest advancement in epigenetics 


While most of the molecular studies focus over mutational analysis, epigenetics-is the only science which is gaining momentum with its cheaper and faster technology, by making its way to the clinic. Moving on the path of clinical epigenetics, our 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Epigenetics Congress will discuss the solutions to challenges like drug discovery, identification of molecular inhibitors, gene modification, and analysis.

Our expert speaker panel will address the emergence of novel drugs and next-generation diagnostic technologies with respect to huge growth, government funding for epigenetics research. The congress will host an effective mix of case studies, panel discussion, and presentations on the development of epigenetics, translational epigenetics, clinical epigenetics and more.

The conference will be held from 3 to 4 October 2019 in London. Ti^his event is one of the unique platforms to witness epigenetics-based clinical development and combinational therapies, with a special emphasis on transcriptional analysis and molecular profiling.


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