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Data Sciences in Oncology

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The event is taking place on 25 January 2023 at the IDIAP Research Institute in Martigny


This event aim to bring together academia, industry and policy-makers to present their perspectives on artificial intelligence. This symposium will discuss how data science and AI support the research and development in oncology, and what are the current limitations, such as data sharing and privacy, or the interpretability of the algorithms, as well as what can be done to accelerate the research.

Keynote speakers are Prof. Olivier Michielin (Head of the Center of Precision Oncology, Department of Oncology, CHUV), Dr. Jean Hausser (Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institute), Dr. Slavica Dimitrieva (Associate Director and Senior Principal Scientist, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research), and Dr. Maria Rodriguez Martinez (Group Leader, IBM). The round-table will be animated by Prof. Benoit Dubuis (Director, Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva) to which Prof. Elisa Oricchio (Director of ISREC and Professor at EPFL) and members of the Oncology in Valais Hospital will take part.


📍When: 25 January 2023

📅 Where: Institut de recherche Idiap, 19 Rue Marconi, 1920 Martigny

▶️ Registration on site: 25 to 100 CHF

ℹ️ More Information: here