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Debiopharm-La Challenge

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Apply to the 9th edition of the challenge before 30 April 2024.



The Debiopharm-La Challenge aims to push forward innovative projects in the field of Healthcare that are targeting physical and moral comfort of patients as well as their relationship with other patients, medical personnel and family members. This competition is oriented towards new emerging projects rather than existing technologies that will improve and enrich patients’ lives.

The “Challenges” are promoting the best approaches, as well as helping teams and candidates proposing innovative projects for patients’ quality of life. As such, this contest rewards projects with the objective of accelerating their implementation or marketing.

Innovation can be defined as:
• The creation of a competitive advantage by an organization, a process, a product or a new service
• Is not necessarily a complex new technology
• A change in the legal and regulatory framework of an existing product
• The result of a strategic management or idea
• A source of profitability and development




The project should be innovative, feasible, preferably linked with Academia and/or the Industry, and have an impact on the end-user and have a potential socioeconomic impact.



The prize money amount to CH50’000. CHF25’000 will be awarded to the winner and the rest of the money will be distributed between the finalists. Additionally Fondaiton Inartis will provide support and coach the projects close to commercialization.


⏰ Application Deadline: 30 April 2024
▶️ Application:
ℹ️ Information and registration