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Fact-Finding Mission in the UK for Swiss Companies

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Real-world data and healthcare: business and R&D opportunities


The Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland (SBHUK) is organizing a fact-finding mission for Swiss companies from 24 to 25 June 2019 in London. The United Kingdom and Switzerland are THE leading life sciences nations in Europe. The UK also benefits from the strength and potential the National Health System (NHS) can offer.

The event is organized following a wish from the British government to focus on personalised medicine and become the world leader in this field. The Government has granted £475 million to the NHS towards its digitisation and is seeking synergies with innovative Swiss companies who specialize in life sciences and real-world data technologies.


Objectives for the British Government

To find companies and startups who can support with:

  • Innovative solutions that could improve operational efficiency for the NHS
  • Innovations impacting the delivery of care with the aim of “bringing the NHS to the patient”
  • Next frontier treatments and Personalised medicine


Outcomes for Swiss companies

  • Explore innovative personalised medicine processes and British initiatives
  • Have access to high-level contacts in the UK and create new partnerships towards an expansion in Britain
  • Great opportunity to explore a new market and get access to expansion best practices


A few useful links

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