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Fact finding Mission

Fact-Finding Mission to Chongqing, Dalian/Liaoyang and Beijing

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Apply before 7 June 2024 to be part of the next Fact-Finding Mission organised by the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC).



Following a highly successful trailblazing trip to China in November 2023, the SCCC is excitedly preparing for their next adventure.

From 23 to 28 June 2024, they will explore the vibrant cities of Chongqing, Dalian/Liaoyang in the province of Liaoning, as well as Beijing with a stronger focus on selected industries.

Immerse yourself into the Chinese economy and culture through meticulously organised business cooperation meetings, networking sessions, company visits, and cultural experiences in the provinces you’ll visit.

Their carefully selected companies cover a diverse spectrum, including large global corporations, privately owned businesses, and a special focus on hidden champions, providing an insightful cross-section of China’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. This curated selection ensures a representative overview of the Chinese economy, showcasing its capabilities and addressing its challenges.

Chongqing, an important hub for various aircraft manufacturers and aviation-related suppliers, offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into this thriving sector.



⏰ Deadline: 7 June 2024
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