From Molecule to Medicine : An Introduction to Clinical Trials including ICH-GCP

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On 27 and 28 March 2019, CTC Resourcing Solutions is organizing the course “From Molecule to Medicine : An Introduction to Clinical Trials including ICH-GCP” in Basel, Switzerland.

This highly interactive course with a balance of information, workshops, exercises and quizzes offers a general overview of the drug development process.

With this course you will

  • Understand how drugs are developed and learn in brief about the history and business side of drug development
  • Find out what rules, guidelines and laws are essential, who the key players and what their responsibilities are
  • Learn the top ethical principle and responsibility behind clinical research – protecting the patient
  • Become knowledgeable about the safety aspects and how they are handled in clinical research
  • Learn about clinical trial methodologies used and the key documents involved
  • Know in detail about the activities necessary before the study can start
  • Become familiar with the activities performed during and after the conduct of the clinical study.

Course Topics

  • The Drug Development Process
  • Good Clinical Practice / ICH Guidelines / Directives
  • “Who’s Who” in Clinical Research – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conducting Clinical Trials: pre-, during and post study activities
  • Clinical Trial Methodology and Design
  • Understanding and Handling of Adverse Events
  • Monitoring Clinical Studies

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