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LS2 Annual Meeting 2024

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LS2 Annual Meeting 2024 is taking place on 14 and 15 February 2024 in UNIL, Lausanne


LS2 Annual Meeting 2024 brings together scientists from various life science sections that form LS2, showcasing the outstanding research taking place in Switzerland. This event serves as a dynamic platform for scientists with diverse scientific backgrounds and from various countries to interact, which is a key factor in the success of LS2.

This year’s Annual Meeting holds the theme “Exploring the Wonders of Life”.



Symposia – 14 February 2024 / 14:15 – 16:00 (CET)

  • “Genome stability and non-coding RNAs”  by Pei-Hsuan Wu and Ramesh Pillai – University of Geneva
  • “Functional tools and therapeutic applications at the crossroads of chemistry and biology” – by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (DMCCB) of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)
  • “Crossing membranes: Structural and functional insights into transporters and channels” – by Ion channels and Membrane Transporters Section of LS2


Symposia – 15 February 2024 / 10:20 – 12:05 (CET)

  • “DNA Integrity” –  by MCB Section of LS2
  • “Artificial intelligence (AI) tools for drug discovery”   by Swiss Society of Experimental Pharmacology (SSEP)
  • “Cardiovascular insights from single cell analysis”  – by Cardiovascular Biology Section of LS2


Symposia – 15 February 2024 / 14:05 – 15:50 (CET)

    • “Windows on the Wonders of Life”  by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB)
    • “Molecules in motion: Revealing time-resolved processes in biology” – by Biophysics Section of LS2
    • “The Contribution of One Health for Life Sciences: Fostering from collaboration between Switzerland and the Global South” – by Salome Duerr and Hugues Abriel – University of Bern



📆 14 – 15 February 2024
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