Next Gen Organ-on-a-chip & Organoids

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CSEM | Next Gen Organ-on-a-chip & Organoids


The event will take place from 9:30AM to 4:30 PM on Thursday 6 February 2020 at CSEM’s Headquarters in Neuchâtel. 


The event, organized by the CSEM, will focus on the main applications of organ-on-chip and organoids technologies which enable to model diseases, test drugs and organ replacement. These technologies are emerging as the next generation of tissue models and a solution to prevent the use of animal testing.


Confirmed speakers

  • Geraldine HAMILTON—Emulate
  • Adrian ROTH—Roche
  • Alexander MOSIG—Jena University Hospital
  • Janick STUCKI—Alveolix
  • Bart SPEE—Utrecht University
  • Markus RIMANN—ZHAW
  • Mauro GANDOLFO—3Brain
  • Gilles Weder—CSEM
  • Paul Vulto—MIMETAS
  • Reyk Horland—TissUse
  • Elizabeth Baker—PCRM


Programme of the event

More information and registration