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Pandemic Sentinel

Pandemic Sentinel | Call for a Collaborative Project

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UNIFR and the SICHH are inviting Western Switzerland’s academic and industrial partners to participate in a new collaborative project called Pandemic Sentinel “PanSen”.


PanSen Project Description :

  • Using the COVID-19 PCR test results and location data to generate a detailed mapping of the pandemic situation and produce a forecast of possible outbreaks
  • Providing local authorities in deciding appropriate and precise measures to contain future COVID outbreaks
  • Providing a new tool to monitor and forecast other endemic infectious and chronic diseases to accelerate public and medical interventions


PanSen Agenda:

  • 23 months from Model design to the release of the platform


PanSen Budget :

  • CHF  150’000 provided by public and academic funding and
  • CHF 36’000 and CHF 45’000 respectively In-Kind and in Cash by the industrial partners


PanSen Coordinator:   


Download PDF “PanSen”