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Innovate UK-Innosuisse

UK-Switzerland CR&D Round 2

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Apply before 1 May 2024 to get your innovation project boosted by Innosuisse and Innovate UK.



Innovate UK is working with Innosuisse to invest up to £4 Million and CHF 3 Million into innovation projects that increase innovation capability, access to R&D infrastructure and unlock new fields of application.

The aim of this competition is to enhance UK and Swiss collaborations and capabilities in the following fields of technology.

  • Life Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Semiconductor Applications
  • Quantum

The result being, the developing and delivering of new innovations and applications of the technologies across a broad range of other sectors.

Participants from Switzerland and the United Kingdom are invited to submit joint project proposals. This call is open to UK and Swiss collaborators.



⏰ Deadline: 1 May 2024
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