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ASPIVIX - bayer schweiz

ASPIVIX announces a growth partnership with Bayer (Schweiz) AG

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ASPIVIX announces its partnership with Bayer (Schweiz) AG in Switzerland, aimed at transforming gynaecological procedures.
Together, they are introducing Carevix™, a CE-Marked cervical stabiliser designed to minimise pain and bleeding during transcervical procedures, including IUD placement.



This Swiss collaboration combines Bayer (Schweiz) AG’s expertise in contraceptive solutions with ASPIVIX’s commitment to modernising gynaecology. Bayer is a globally recognised leader in women’s health solutions and is one of the world’s top producers of IUDs.

Their shared goal is to offer women a more comfortable and efficient gynaecological experience, reducing the cases of pain associated with IUD procedures.

The potential pain during IUD insertion impacts million women worldwide, largely due to the use of the century-old cervical tenaculum in gynaecological procedures.

Carevix™, the suction cervical stabiliser, provide an appealing alternative to currently available tenaculum, filling an important unmet need (1) and has demonstrated clinical effectiveness in reducing both pain and bleeding.

ASPIVIX CEO, Mathieu Horras, highlighted the company’s dedication to improving women’s healthcare. “ASPIVIX is excited to enter this partnership with Bayer (Schweiz) AG that truly emphasises the goal of empowering women to select the best contraceptive solution without worrying about potential pain and bleeding. The thorough research and clinical data behind Carevix™ guarantee a notable decrease in pain and bleeding, enhancing the experience of IUD adoption and placement, as well as various other gynaecological procedures for millions of women.”

Bayer Switzerland Women’s Healthcare lead, Marco Gierten, shares, “As a globally trusted brand, Bayer remains committed to advancing solutions that provide significant benefits to patients.”



Source: press release