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The Health Valley


Western Switzerland: one region, six cantons

Central and strategic, the BioAlps cluster is situated at the geographical, technological and economic crossroads of European markets. Real and virtual access to other countries is easy, facilitating exchanges and collaboration between teams.

Western Switzerland is also host to numerous international and non-governmental organisations. In addition to the United Nations, the region accommodates organisations related to:

Unique Strengths

The tightly-knit life sciences community in western Switzerland offers key strengths, which attract people and companies to the region daily.

  • World class research
  • A strong industrial network
  • Access to sophisticated core facilities
  • Leading clinical centres
  • Convergence of know-how
  • Strong promotion of innovation

The pluri-/trans-disciplinarity across sectors evolves naturally within the region to benefit biotechnology and medical technology. The density and quality of all the different ingredients in western Switzerland have attracted so many talents and contributed to our ongoing success as the fastest growing life sciences community in the world. 

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