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Drug Discovery World

Drug Discovery World | Switzerland as a global biotech hub

Why Switzerland continues to punch above its weight as global biotech hub | Drug Discovery World To understand Switzerland’s continued…

AC BioScience

AC BioScience | Committed to fight against cancer

Interview with Andreas Schläpfer, CEO & cofounder   AC BioScience, the Vaud based company is a pioneer in the development…


EPFL | A virus to identify small peptide mimics of antifreeze proteins

Scientists at EPFL (Polymers Laboratory) and the University of Warwick have used a virus to identify a peptide that can…


EPFL | Next-generation implants will be biodegradable and non-invasive

Tissue grows back once the implant is gone   EPFL engineers have developed a neural interface that disappears harmlessly in…


CSEM | Solid 2020 results despite the tough economic climate

Digital support to Gait Up    CSEM posted a solid financial performance in 2020 and made further progress on important technological…

Swiss Diabetes Venture Fund

Swiss Diabetes Venture Fund | 1st venture fund dedicated to diabetes technology

CHF 50 million for diabetes ventures Launch of the first venture fund dedicated to diabetes technology, through a collaboration between…


UNIGE | How do immune cells get activated?

Decoding the activation mechanism of the CCR5 receptor By studying the structure of cellular receptors and of the molecules that…


EPFL | Tailored optical stimulation for the blind

Stimulation of the nervous system with neurotechnology EPFL scientists in a European collaboration propose a personalised protocol for optimising stimulation…


CERN | CLEAR study paves the way for novel electron-based cancer therapy

High-energy electron beams can be focused onto deep-seated cancerous tumours   The study, conducted at CERN’s CLEAR test facility, demonstrates…


Pharmaplan (TTP Group) | New office in Visp close to Lonza

New office with 60 employees   In response to the investment boom in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaplan is opening another…


Top 15 Swiss biotech startups making a difference in Europe

This article was written by with the support of BioAlps, the Greater Zurich Area, and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)….

Fondation Leenaards

Leenaards Foundation | Science Prize 2021

CHF 1.4 mio for biomedical research in the Lake Geneva region   The Leenaards Foundation has awarded Science Prizes to…

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