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Distalmotion | $ 90M to make sense of robotic surgery

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A partnership of medtech pioneers and company-builders


Distalmotion, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), Revival Healthcare Capital and 415 CAPITAL announced the closing of a USD 90 million Series E financing round to accelerate the adoption of Distalmotion’s surgical robot Dexter. The investment follows Dexter’s successful initial clinical use and supports Distalmotion’s international commercial scaling.


CE-marked Dexter shifts the paradigm of robotic surgery by bringing the surgeon back into the sterile field, allowing direct patient access at all times and integrating proven laparoscopic workflows into the robotic setup. This novel, user-centric approach makes the surgeon the focal point of the procedure, reducing complexity and delivering sought-after simplicity and versatility to the market for robotic surgery.

The investment follows the successful completion of Dexter’s first clinical cases and aims to accelerate the Swiss company’s commercial scaling. Leading European hospitals will spearhead the development of procedure guidelines and training protocols for robotic surgery with Dexter as part of clinical studies and an Early Adopter Program (EAP). The company will also work closely with the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a US submission supported by the financing.


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