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Healthcare Konnect (HCK) | Distribution agreement signed with VUNO

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Introduction of AI suite in Swiss medical institutions


South Korean Medical AI trailblazer, VUNO, and Swiss medical distribution company, HealthCare Konnect (HCK), announce the signature of a distribution agreement to introduce VUNO’s AI solutions to healthcare institutions in Switzerland, for the sake of clinical workflow optimisation and efficient medical diagnosis.

With diagnostic errors being one of the most important safety problems in healthcare, VUNO’s solutions with AI generated analysis come as a second pair of eyes to assist radiologists, pathologists and ophthalmologists to enhance informed decision making, reduce reading time and lower risk of unexpected errors.

Being one of the most successful AI medical giants with strong commercial traction of around 300 hospital users, VUNO has clearly demonstrated clinical value through its five CE marked flagship solutions – VUNO Med®-BoneAge™, VUNO Med®-DeepBrain®, VUNO Med®-Chest X-Ray™, VUNO Med®–Fundus AI™, and VUNO Med®–LungCT AI™. The solutions can be seamlessly integrated with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems or any medical devices.

“We are delighted to partner with VUNO to scale accuracy in diagnostics. We are currently in discussion with the first sites in Switzerland to provide VUNO’s software as a tool to assist doctors and specialists in their diagnostic” said Marwan Senhaji, managing director of HCK HealthCare Konnect.

Hyun-jun Kim, VUNO’s CEO said “We are extremely delighted to have this great partnership with HCK to present our AI portfolio that is road-tested and proven effective in helping radiologists drive improved clinical outcomes, while enhancing their clinical workflows. We look forward to working together to develop a leadership position in the AI-based CAD market across the Swiss landscape, globally recognised for its highly advanced medical technology”

With proven clinical benefits and increasing recognition, VUNO is undeniably spearheading the global medical industry. Therefore, HealthCare Konnect (HCK) is truly looking forward to joining VUNO on its mission to “View the Invisible, Know the Unknown” and looking forward to charting new territory alongside. Switzerland and its medical centers are notably the first and coming target.


About Healthcare Konnect

HealthCare Konnect is a Swiss distribution company focused on registration, distribution and promotion of last generation Medical device products in Switzerland and in North and West African countries.


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