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Curio Biotech SA

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Curio Biotech is a young CRO providing personalized Contract Research Services to Clients in Pharma/Nutrition and Cosmetic sectors. Services: In vitro – Drug Discovery, Pre-clinical Studies, Efficacy, Safety, Pharmocology, Mechanism of Action, Bioanalytics to Biopharma (Quality Control) sector. It can services on biocompatibility of medical devices.

Cooperation possibilities: We can provide private and secured research team and labs for our clients’ drug (co)development activities. We can (co)develop customized bio-analytical tests for batch release testing. We can perform exploratory animal studies and IND enabling studies for our European clients.


Primary Therapeutic Areas

1.2 R&D Services

1.23 Cell Culture

1.24 CRO

1.27 Drug Discovery & Delivery

1.29 Genomics & Proteomics

1.31 Other R&D Services

1.32 Screening

1.4 Other Bio & Pharma

2.0 Cosmetics

2.02 R&D Cosmetics

2.1 Nutrition

2.11 Food

2.13 Nutraceuticals

2.14 R&D Nutrition

Business model

1.2 Scale-Up

Organization Type

Private Company

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Cardiovascular & Hematology, Dermatology, Endocrine & Metabolic, Gastroenterology, Immunology & Allergy, Musculoskeletal & Inflammation, Oncology, Ophtalomology, Pregnancy & Reproductive Health, Toxicology

Main sector

Services Providers & Consulting


Rottenstrasse 5
3930 Visp / VS
+41 27 508 5802