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PhenomX Health and Issviva launch a programme to help women manage Stress and Sleep during Menopause

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In a pioneering partnership, Issviva Menopause and the Swiss startup PhenomX Health have united their expertise to empower women navigating peri to post-menopause, offering a unique approach to tackle two prevalent challenges during this phase – sleep disruption and increased stress levels.



In the UK, a staggering 85% of midlife women, constituting a marketplace of over 13 million menopausal women, grapple with these symptoms, impacting their overall well-being, career aspirations, and relationships. Fusing leading-edge science with a holistic perspective, Issviva and PhenomX Health have co-developed the 90-day SLEEP + STRESS RESET program. This transformative initiative equips women with tools, personalized insights, and support to enhance their sleep health and habits. Crafted by a team of prominent scientists, functional medicine dietitians, and medical experts from PhenomX Health, the program is led by Dr. Colleen Fogarty Draper, PhD, RD, Personalized Nutrition Scientist and CEO of PhenomX Health, along with Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy, PhD, Translational and Behavioral Scientist.


A Comprehensive Science-Backed Approach

The SLEEP + STRESS RESET program is meticulously designed to empower menopausal women to Understand, Evolve, and Thrive during this natural yet transformative phase of life. Integrating state-of-the-art saliva testing and guided self-evaluation, the program offers a profound understanding of both biological and emotional aspects. Saliva testing aids in assessing cortisol patterns, indicating chronic stress, and provides personalized insights to prioritize stress management effectively.

Over the 90-day duration, participants receive a premium daily supplement to support sleep. The PhenomX Health smartphone app encourages symptom and nutrition tracking, delivering personalized insights, educational resources, support, and practical tools tailored for improved sleep and stress management.


The 90-day program is available for purchase on Issiva’s website.