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Pryv and BGO launch privacy-centric eCRF solution

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Pryv and BGO launch privacy-centric eCRF solution allowing to capture patient’s RWD and Informed Consent

Designed to meet the requirements of GDPR and HIPAA regulations, the eCRF solution is based on middleware and BGO Software’s Metaforms software. Among the key functionalities of the solution is its ability to dynamically capture and store patients’ informed eConsent. To ensure trust and compliance, a full audit trail documenting interaction with the data is embedded in the solution.

The web-based form-building software allows researchers and clinicians to capture patients’ RWD and pave the way to useable insights . This data includes information from complex forms, questionnaires, voice input, wearable devices, mobile health (mHealth) apps, electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO), environment and more.

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