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Socorex and CSEM

Socorex wins the CSEM Digital Health Journey Award

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This SME based in Ecublens (VD), is a world leader in development and manufacture of high-end precision dosing instruments for liquid handling in laboratories and animal health injections. The award, valued at CHF 100,000, will help the company develop a new solution with a strong environmental impact.



The company specializes in the development of high-quality automatic glass and metal piston syringes designed for high-precision animal injections, catering to various needs in fish farming, poultry, pigs, sheep, and other livestock.

The Socorex product catalog includes needles, cannulas, conversion sets, accessories, and spare parts. Socorex’s unique facility in Ecublens, Switzerland, has all the necessary infrastructure for machining, assembly, testing, certification, and quality control of the syringes produced and sold.

The integration of CSEM Digital Technologies promises to elevate Socorex’s capabilities, fostering enhanced precision and efficiency in their future products, targeting the animal vaccine market.

Bahaa Roustom, the jury president, emphasized, “Addressing current challenges in food security and animal health is crucial. This year, our message extends beyond machine producers to product-oriented SMEs. We anticipate that this initiative will not only enhance Socorex’s standing but also bolster Switzerland’s presence in the rapidly evolving market, opening avenues for expansion into smart labs and benefiting other stakeholders involved in this domain.”


Source: CSEM