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Swiss Biotech Center

Swiss Biotech Center | Covid-19: a 2nd generation vaccine in preparation in Monthey

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Strategic collaboration agreement between Swiss Biotech Center & Berna Biotech Pharma

The Swiss biotech companies Berna Biotech Pharma Gmbh and Swiss Biotech Center SA announced that they have signed a strategic collaboration agreement for the development of a second generation vaccine against Covid-19. Berna Biotech and the Swiss Biotech Center will collaborate to bring a potential vaccine into clinical phase I by autumn 2021. This vaccine has shown impressive efficacy in in vivo models.

In addition to the Covid-19 vaccine, Berna Biotech Pharma and the Swiss Biotech Center want to extend their collaboration to boost vaccinology in Switzerland.

Berna Biotech Pharma and Swiss Biotech Center aim to firmly re-establish vaccinology in Switzerland with a production site using the latest technologies in advanced biomanufacturing and industry 4.0. In the medium term, the two partners plan to produce and market more than 15 vaccines.


Press Release (in French)