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Prof. Jabaudon

The Roger de Spoelberch Prize Awarded to a UNIGE Researcher

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Professor Denis Jabaudon, Director of the Department of Basic Neuroscience and member of the Synapsy Center for Neuroscience Research in Mental Health (Faculty of Medicine), has won the Roger de Spoelberch Prize 2023 for his research into brain development.



A specialist in the formation of cortical networks, Prof. Denis Jabaudon is also the academic head of the NeuroNA human cellular neuroscience platform and an associate physician in the Neurology Department of the Geneva University Hospitals. He is interested in how different types of neurons are genetically programmed during development to assemble into circuits, and how this process can be altered in developmental disorders. He also seeks to understand how the genetic programs governing cortical circuit formation might be manipulated to promote rewiring and functional recovery in neurodegenerative diseases.

The Roger de Spoelberch Foundation supports medical and scientific research into neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases, particularly schizophrenia.

Each year, the Foundation awards the Roger de Spoelberch Prize to a laureate for a clinical or fundamental scientific research project in the field of neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases. The prize is currently worth 750,000 CHF.


➡️ Source: UNIGE