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The Swiss HealthTech Center in Biel

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Thanks to its location, diverse culture, extensive experience and infrastructure, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB) is the perfect platform to support startups in their early stages of development, as well as companies already well established in the market. Developing health related technologies is one of the key competencies of the Swiss HealthTech Center.



The Swiss HealthTech Center’s mission is to drive this transformation by fostering the development of both advanced HealthTech and MedTech related systems. The SHTC team is composed of experienced professionals with a wide range of specialized skills. From project managers with an extensive experience to engineers with expertise in industrial design and 3D printing, electronics (hard-/firmware), software, multiphysics simulation and data science (AI), the SHTC is a powerhouse of expertise that realizes groundbreaking devices.


Building the bridge between industry, research, and the health care sector

One of the group’s key strengths is its exceptional ability to produce rapid prototypes without compromising on quality. A state-of-the-art infrastructure and the combined skills of experts contribute to the rapid development of high-quality proofs of concept and advanced prototypes at the cutting edge of technology.

The SHTC’s portfolio is full of successful collaborations in various projects, either directly financed or supported by Innosuisse. From research projects with partners to customized developments for specific customers, SHTC creates and develops products for and with future users or patients, thereby bringing real innovation and improving their quality of life.


Bienne Innovation Park



For example, SHTC developed a device which assists a non-experienced person to automatically intubate in emergency cases by combining artificial intelligence and robotic endoscopy (Fig. 1 – Bottom right). Among others, a project currently in progress is the follow-up to a success story with Stimit AG, which aims to activate the diaphragm by stimulating the phrenic nerve, to enable ventilated patients to recover rapidly after prolonged surgery without diminishing muscular capacity towards atrophy (Fig. 1 – Bottom left). Finally, SHTC has developed a totally innovative and revolutionary platform for the characterization of single-layer epithelial cell culture, which is therefore more biotech-oriented. The platform aims to do away with animal testing by managing, analyzing, and performing in vitro toxicological experiments. It makes the whole state-of-the-art process more reliable, scalable, and fully customizable (Fig 1 – Top).


In the case of directly financed projects, the SHTC team works closely with the company to understand its needs and to make a quotation that corresponds to their requirements. This can include large-scale development between several teams when the company’s capacity or expertise is lacking, or consulting if necessary. In the case of Innosuisse projects, and thanks to our extensive experience with this type of tool, we support companies in writing the application, advising them on all aspects (financial and technical) and challenging them to submit a high-quality proposal. In many cases, we have successfully submitted follow-up projects, thanks to the excellent collaboration between the various entities involved.



Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne


Bienne Innovation Park

The SIPBB SA is a private, non-profit Swiss organization that primarily operates and supports industry-related applied research and development activities. Within the framework of the Switzerland Innovation Foundation’s national and international network, our objectives are to generate foreign investment for research, promote Swiss innovation performance and start-ups, and accelerate the transformation of research results into marketable products. SIPBB consists of 4 research groups actively supporting Swiss industry in various fields (HealthTech, Battery Technologies, Additive Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0), and has been involved in more than 80 successful innovation projects involving both scientific and industrial partners. In addition to supporting research and industry projects, SIPBB also encourages universities and global and regional players to be at the heart of Switzerland by offering over 10,000 m2 of rental space.

SIPBB building is located just behind Biel train station.



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