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BioAlps : A diversified
Life Sciences Cluster


The BioAlps community’s strength in the face of COVID-19

Science, technology and innovation strengthen our ecosystem’s resilience to the new coronavirus.

Find below lists of actors working at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

Please note that the above lists are non-exhaustive and will be updated.


If you are active in the fight against the virus in at least one of the core competencies, please sign up to our database here. If you have any trouble uploading your information, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Find more information about the COVID-19 actors on our BioAlps Community page.

Genomics has provided us with an armory for tackling pandemics, enabling us to respond faster and with more accuracy to COVID-19. Scientists can for example analyse, where strains from different jurisdictions fit within the global phylogenetic tree. Learn More


BioAlps key figures :

Research & Academic


Public Institutions & Innovation Parcs

Life Sciences students


Drug Discovery World

Drug Discovery World | Switzerland as a global biotech hub

Why Switzerland continues to punch above its weight as global biotech hub | Drug Discovery World To understand Switzerland’s continued…

AC BioScience

AC BioScience | Committed to fight against cancer

Interview with Andreas Schläpfer, CEO & cofounder   AC BioScience, the Vaud based company is a pioneer in the development…


EPFL | A virus to identify small peptide mimics of antifreeze proteins

Scientists at EPFL (Polymers Laboratory) and the University of Warwick have used a virus to identify a peptide that can…


EPFL | Next-generation implants will be biodegradable and non-invasive

Tissue grows back once the implant is gone   EPFL engineers have developed a neural interface that disappears harmlessly in…



Sintetica Innovation Award 2021

The Sintetica Innovation Award is part of the company’s century celebrations and involves a unique start-up competition, bringing together specialists…

BIO Taiwan 2021

BIO Taiwan 2021

BIO Taiwan 2021 | Get involved in Asia’s largest biotech networking   The BIO Taiwan is now twofold, with an…

Swiss Biotech Day

Swiss Biotech Day 2021

Leading biotechnology conference in Switzerland   The Swiss Biotech Association organises the Swiss Biotech Day 2021 on 7 September 2021…

Swiss Medtech Day

Swiss Medtech Day 2021 | Digital Health Technology

Switzerland’s most important medical technology conference   The 23rd edition of the  Swiss Medtech Day 2021 will take place on…

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