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Nanolive is moving to a new office location

Another milestone for Nanolive, as the company moves to new offices   In 2013, Nanolive started its adventure in a...


Abionic | Hitting the European and US markets

Abionic to commercialise its rapid sepsis diagnosis product on the EU and US markets   The Abionic team, who has...


NTN Innovation Booster | Contribute to the Future of Healthcare with SILAB

Join SILAB and take part in Innosuisse’s NTN Innovation Booster programme Imagine and develop the healthcare of tomorrow   Innovation...


Qualimatest & SAPHIR join forces to become qmt

qmt | The industry’s quality test and control reference   On 9 January 2020, SAPHIR and Qualimatest announced that their...


4a6 CSL Behring

4à6 @ CSL Behring

Join the BioAlps community for the 4à6 @ CSL Behring   The event will take place from 4PM to 6PM on...

Arab Health 2020

Arab Health 2020

Arab Health 2020 | The premier medtech exhibition in the Middle East on a world-wide scale.    The event will take place...

HUG Café de l'Innovation

HUG | Café de l’Innovation

Café de l’Innovation | Innovation to support humanitarian action and development   The event will take place from 12:05 to...

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – The Replacement of Serendipity?

This will be a lunch workshop and an excellent opportunity to network with the industry experts in Artificial Intelligence.

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