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Healthcare innovation world cup

16th Healthcare Innovation World Cup®

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Apply for the HealthCare Innovation World Cup® before 14 September.



Technology-driven innovations have brought great benefits to society and are reshaping healthcare in multiple ways. By 2030, healthcare will be centred on patients empowered to prevent diseases rather than seek treatment. All of this will be enabled by data and provided within a healthcare system that is organised and regulated in an entirely new way.

For 16 years the Innovation World Cup® Series has been a catalyst of health innovations worldwide. For many innovators this competition has been an important milestone to successfully scaling up their businesses and gain worldwide visibility.
They are looking for the next generation of smart health devices, medical wearables, digital biomarkers, electroceuticals, intelligent patches, and more.

HealthTech and MedTech innovators worldwide are invited to take part in free of charge.



Deadline: 14 September 2024
🏆 Award Ceremony: 11 November 2024
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