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Silver Aging

SILVER AGING Innovation Booster

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Submit your idea for the Innovation Booster SILVER AGING call to ideas before 6 September 2024.



The SILVER AGING Innovation Booster aims to promote and facilitate innovation that could improve the quality of life of seniors.
To this end, it will allocate funding of up to CHF 25’000 to selected teams wishing to test innovative ideas to achieve these objectives.

The increase in life expectancy and in the proportion of elderly people presents society and the healthcare system with numerous challenges.
In parallel, digital solutions are taking on a central role in the coordination and operation of the healthcare system and services.

Thus, the first call to ideas will focus on improving the quality of care for seniors through digital solutions.

Eligibility criteria for your idea to be selected:

  • You have an innovative idea for a new product, service or business model.
  • The resulting solution could improve the quality of care for seniors.
  • You can submit an idea as an individual, but by the closing date of the call you must have created a multidisciplinary team of at least 3 members, including a (private) implementation partner, a (academic) research partner and a user of the proposed solution.
  • You wish to pursue the development of your product / service in Switzerland.
    Innovation Booster SILVER AGING
  • You are taking part in an open innovation event organised by Innovation Booster (such as the one organised on March 14, 2024 in Neuchâtel) before the closing date of this 1st call for ideas on September 06, 2024.
  • Your team or a third party can participate in the co-financing of your project with the minimum sum of CHF 2’000 made available for the project.



⏰ Application Deadline 6 September 2024

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