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Orio Therapeuthics

A CHF 40,000 Grant from Venture Kick to Orio Therapeuthics

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Orio Therapeutics has won a CHF 40,000 Venture Kick prize, alongside KIDEMIS and Rheo, with a project designed to reduce drug use, costs and side effects, while improving therapeutic outcomes.



Orio Therapeutics is based on a patented technology developed by the two co-founders, Dr. Ziad Julier and Prof. Mikaël Martino, both EPFL alumni at Monash University‘s Australian Institute of Regenerative Medicine, in Melbourne (Australia), with which they have negotiated a license agreement with an option to secure exclusive rights. The two scientists have developed a drug-delivery technology based on protein engineering. They have shown the efficacy of their platform in animal models of skin, bone, skeletal muscle, and cardiac muscle regeneration. The technology can be applied to virtually any protein therapeutic requiring a local action, and the team will initially focus its efforts on an application in acute myocardial infarct patients. The co-founders are now seeking investments to conduct pre-clinical trials with the goal to enter clinical trials in 2025.


📸  (Left to right): Dr. Ziad Julier and  Prof. Mikaël Martino.


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