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Actival and Neuria receive CHF 40’000 from Venture Kick

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Actival and Neuria Digital Therapeutics were selected at Venture Kick’s second financial and entrepreneurial support stage.



Actival: 3D printing a novel generation of active dental aligners

Clear dental aligners have recently caused one of the biggest disruptions in the dental industry. They are a transparent and removable alternative to traditional metal braces and have already created a USD 6.3 billion market share with a 28% y-o-y growth rate.

But, since dental aligners cover the full surface of the teeth, they block access to saliva and oxygen, which leads to a bacterial buildup, caries lesions, and bad mouth odour.
Actival has a patented solution for 3D printing a novel generation of active aligners with integrated microfluidic channels.

These channels act as reservoirs that gradually release antibacterial fluid, fluoride, and flavor. This innovation eliminates bacterial buildup, strengthens teeth through enamel remineralization, and contributes to a more pleasant mouth odour.

Neuria Digital Therapeutics: Transforming unhealthy consumption behaviors effortlessly with gamified technology

In an era where unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices predominate, leading to widespread health issues like obesity and diabetes, Neuria introduces a new digital intervention to reduce cravings and unwanted consumption behaviors. This new approach aims to mitigate the global health crisis by targeting the brain’s automatic motivational responses to unhealthy food cues.

By leveraging gamified digital therapeutics, Neuria offers a “digital clinic environment” that engages users in a transformative journey towards healthier habits, while they enjoy arcade games on their smartphones.
Neuria, led by Frederik Plourde, CEO, and Prof. Dr. Lucas Spierer, CSO, is breaking new ground in digital therapeutics and is protected by a patent. Alongside game developers and neuroscientists, Dr. Maurizio Rigamonti, Dr. Hugo Najberg, and MSc Malika Taparel, Neuria’s team bringing to life a patented digital platform designed to revolutionise how we address overconsumption behaviours.

Rare are the digital health companies with such a solid track record on scientific evidence, their interventions are backed by 10 years of research in behavioral and brain plasticity and more than 20 publications.



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