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Adiposs | Green light for clinical trials

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Following the scientific advice meeting with The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK,  the Geneva University spin-off Adiposs received endorsement for its flagship product, ImageBAT, to proceed to Clinical Trials.

ImageBAT is the first product that makes brown and beige adipose tissue (BAT) visible with a fast and pain-free CT (computed tomography) scan. It enables early detection of cachexia before patients lose body weight. Cancer cachexia is a severe body-wasting syndrome characterised by involuntary body weight loss. It affects more than half of all cancer patients and is the cause of death in a fifth of all cancer patients.

Phase I Clinical Trial is planned to start in the second half of 2021 and is meant to explore safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of ImageBAT and to establish the effective dose for ImageBAT-enhanced CT imaging of brown adipose tissue.


About Adiposs

Adiposs is a biotech start-up company developing medical imaging products and technologies for early detection of body wasting, a fatal syndrome common in patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Despite its high prevalence, body wasting remains vastly underdiagnosed with dramatic consequences for the patients, doctors and healthcare systems. Adiposs is developing a first-in-class medical imaging product called ImageBAT. It can detect early body wasting with a fast, pain-free and cost-effective CT medical scan available in every hospital worldwide. ImageBAT is a game-changer that will give millions of patients and improved quality of life and a better chance to survive. We are on a mission to see body wasting before it happens.


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