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Terapet | Proton therapy

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CHF 1.5M of non-dilutive funding


Terapet SA, a privately held Swiss MedTech company developing innovative solutions for a safer, more precise, and time-saving proton therapy for cancer treatment, announced the combined successful awards of a total of about CHF 1’530’000 non-dilutive funds. The combined funding supports the development of Terapet’s first full-scale prototype to be installed for clinical validation and for building two strong consortia between Terapet and world class research institutes: one with CERN, funded through the Innosuisse Innovation Project, and one with Karolinska Institute and the first Nordic Proton Therapy facility, Skandion Clinic, funded through the Eurostars Program.

Both research and development collaborations will officially start on 01.02.2021 and last for the coming 3 years. All the research parties in the consortium are fully funded.


About Proton Therapy

Proton beam therapy is an advanced treatment method for cancer and other tumor diseases. Compared to conventional radiotherapy with x-rays, proton therapy has the advantage that healthy tissue surrounding the tumor receives less dose. This is due to the fact that protons stop at a certain depth inside the patient, delivering a very high dose just before they stop (the Bragg peak). The dose “behind” the tumor is close to zero. The lower dose to healthy tissue is particularly important when treating children since they have a long-life expectancy after treatment. It also makes it superior for treating critical cancer types (e.g., brain tumors, prostate cancers) with tumors that are very close to critical organs, e.g., brain, spine, optical nerves, sensitive nerves etc.


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