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Agora Care Pristem SA

Agora Care partners with PRISTEM SA

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Two Western Switzerland startups join forces to revolutionize medical imaging


Agora Care is a Geneva-based company developing a patient-centered platform for storage and communication of medical images. The Agora Care solution will give patients the opportunity to be fully in control of their medical images using a simple web-based platform allowing them to share the results of imaging procedures with medical practitioners and healthcare providers anywhere in the world at any time.


PRISTEM SA is an EPFL spin-off that has created an affordable, comprehensive Xray solution including an advanced technology to operate wherever radiology is needed. One of its main market is South African population.


The two startups decided to partner with the aim goal is to bring affordable radiology services and medical images storage to large parts of the population who currently have no or only very limited access to these essential medical services.

Agora Care will set up its digital platform that allows the storage and sharing of medical imaging data. The main purpose is to facilitate sharing of medical imaging data among patients, radiologists, general practitioners and other specialists that need access to this important medical data.

Both parties will work on the technical specifications and workflow functionalities to integrate Agora Care’s solution in the current PRISTEM SA patient flow as currently implemented in the local IT infrastructure in South Africa.


Source: Agora Care