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Healthcare Konnect (HCK) and Coreline Europe GmbH start a partnership

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Healthcare Konnect (HCK) and Coreline Europe GmbH start a new partnership to amplify the inherent value of diagnostic accuracy.


Healthcare Konnect (HCK) is Geneva-based company that created a shared platform providing health organisations access to world-leading AI solutions to assist medical diagnostics. The HCK Hub, HCK’s propriety platform, routes anonymised patients’ data to its partners’ AI platforms for accelerated processing, reducing misdiagnosis and increasing accuracy.


The German company Coreline Europe GmbH is one of the leading AI solution companies specializing in CT image analysis with its range of innovative solutions for lung cancer screening and other pulmonary diseases. With its global recognition and partnerships with prestigious medical institutions, Coreline Soft is revolutionizing the field of CT imaging, empowering medical professionals, and enhancing patient care and early detection of cancer worldwide.


“Cancer and cardiovascular screening do not prevent the occurrence of the diseases, but they significantly reduce mortality risks. Coreline’s unique solution provides patients with the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive pulmonary screening, including calcium scoring, emphysema detection, and lung nodule detection, using a single non-gated low-dose CT scan. We are thrilled to partner with Coreline in our mission to amplify the inherent value of diagnostic accuracy”, says Marwan Senhaji, CEO of HCK.


Vanja Azabagic-Thursar, CEO Coreline Europe GmbH comments, “Coreline´s goal is not only to contribute to the field of treatment and management but ideally to the area of prevention and diagnosis also. We strongly believe that Coreline´s AI technology will bring added value to the users and patients by preventing and early diagnosing of the thorax diseases, especially lung cancer. We hope to contribute, together with HCK, to reducing lung cancer-related mortality in Switzerland.”


Source (text and image): Healthcare Konnect (HCK)