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Antion Biosciences

A breakthrough in the US for Antion Biosciences SA

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Antion Biosciences SA (Antion), an innovative developer of cell and gene therapy technologies, announces the granting of a significant patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).



The awarded patent, identified as US Patent No. US 11,649,455, further strengthens Antion’s position as a leading innovator in the cell and gene therapy field. Together with its founding IP (US 9,556,433), the newly granted patent solidifies Antion’s protection over its uniquely optimized gene silencing technologies.


These proprietary technologies allow for highly efficient, tunable and multiplex engineering of cell and gene therapy products. It also underscores Antion’s dedication to progress and commitment to innovation in its field of expertise. “The attainment of this pivotal patent by Antion is a proud moment for me and the team, clearly demonstrating our innovative prowess and commitment to improving our platform of technologies.” said CEO, Dr. Marco Alessandrini. “The exclusive worldwide rights granted by this patent not only fortify our competitive stance in the sector, allowing us to pioneer unique approaches, but also set the stage for our uniquely versatile platform. Our tunable and multiplex cell engineering technology will facilitate continued diversification and development of a robust portfolio of universal therapies, while also opening up exciting opportunities to partner with leading developers in the cell and gene therapy field.”


Antion Biosciences SA is a Geneva-based (Switzerland) biotechnology company developing universal cell and gene therapy products for the treatment of diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Antion’s proprietary gene silencing and miCARTM technologies allow for a modular and tunable approach to multiplex engineering of therapeutic cells. By developing off-the-shelf therapies with enhanced potency and improved safety, our vision is to make cell and gene therapies universal and broaden access to these life-changing therapies for all patients.


Source: Antion Biosciences PR

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