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CoreMedica Laboratories

CoreMedica Laboratories Inc. implements Roche Elecsys antibody test for COVID-19

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CoreMedica Laboratories Inc. provides COVID-19 serology confirmations via a secondary antibody detection method


On 12 June 2020, CoreMedica Laboratories, Inc. announced the implementation of the Roche Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody test. This new test offers a unique complementary tool to the company’s current high sensitive ELISA method for IgG and IgM antibody detection. CoreMedica is currently the only laboratory offering COVID-19 serology confirmations via a secondary ELISA based antibody detection method. This strategy is crucial to determine reliably if a person has been exposed to the virus and has developed antibodies.

The Roche Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody test is designed to identify mature, high affinity antibodies, significantly reducing the chance of a false positive result. It provides 99.8 percent specificity, which is greater than previously available antibody tests. As a result, the combination of both testing platforms will allow CoreMedica to perform a fast initial screening on automated analyzers using Roche, and verify the specific reactivity for IgG and IgM antibodies on positive samples using ELISA.  This specificity is crucial to determine reliably if a person has developed antibodies to COVID-19 following an exposure to the virus. CoreMedica’s long-standing relationship and collaboration with Roche Diagnostics enables us to introduce many innovative, high-quality screening tests for all clients located at different business segments.


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