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COVID-19 | Abionic’s solution, a life saver

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Abionic’s sepsis test supports the fight against COVID-19


When the pandemic hit, Abionic was finalising a financing round to support the commercialisation of its sepsis test. The Vaud-based scale-up decided to shift its priorities and activities to support the fight against the new coronavirus and save lives.

Some studies show that a majority of COVID-19 related deaths were due to sepsis complications. Abionic’s solution facilitates the diagnosis of sepsis up to 72 hours prior to traditional methods. This time-saving test enables medical staff to implement the appropriate treatment and save lives.

A study is currently underway at the Geneva University Hospital. Abionic’s test can easily be adapted to existing protocols and equipment. A white paper will be published to present the study’s results followed by a scientific publication.

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