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Debiopharm launches expansion of WEE1 inhibitor

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Debiopharm aims to further characterise the safety, tolerability, and preliminary anti-tumour activity of its potent WEE1 inhibitor Debio 0123 as monotherapy in three different expansion cohorts.




Debiopharm announced the first patient dosed in the expansion of its open-label, non-randomised, multicenter Phase 1 study evaluating Debio 0123, an oral, potent, highly selective and brain-penetrant WEE1 inhibitor, as monotherapy in patients with recurrent or progressive solid tumours.

The expansion of this Phase 1 study, NCT05109975, is to characterize the safety, tolerability, and initial signs of antitumour activity of Debio 0123 when administered as monotherapy.

Two out of the three expansion arms of the study will be using biomarkers to pre-select patients with different solid tumours while the third arm will be treating patients with recurrent serous endometrial carcinoma. Currently, sites are open for enrolment in the United States, Spain, and Switzerland.

“Part of our strategy of utilising OMICs approaches to identify specific biomarkers and identify patient populations that will respond to Debio 0123 due to synthetic lethality will allow us to enrol patients who are most likely to benefit from treatment, thereby taking a true precision medicine approach” expressed Dr. Victor Rodriguez-Freixinos, Medical Director, Debiopharm.



Source: press release