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Debiotech launches its engineering house

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New year, new challenges! Debiotech, a leader in medical technologies based in Lausanne – Switzerland, announces the launch of its Engineering’s House as part of the strategic pivot initiated at the end of 2021. The aim is to continue supporting medical innovation by making its engineering expertise and proven regulatory methodology available to its customers and partners.



With over 30 years’ experience and numerous innovations in the fields of dialysis, oncology, diabetes and diagnostics, all acclaimed by its peers, Debiotech has continually developed its engineering skills, particularly in mechanical engineering, software and systems integration. Today, Debiotech acts mainly as an outsourced engineering office via its Engineering’s house.

This strategic transition is the result of an in-depth assessment of emerging opportunities in the Medtech sector, and Debiotech’s ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its market.


Each engineer has been trained and coached for this transition. A new team dedicated solely to customer satisfaction, represented by Marie Burel-Duton, has been created.

We bring our customers greater flexibility, shorter lead times and, above all, optimization of their human and financial resources. Outsource and succeed in your development thanks to a key player in MedTech!” sums up Marie Burel-Duton, Sales and Marketing Manager at Debiotech.


Debiotech’s dedicated teams of engineers are continuously trained in cutting-edge technologies, providing customers with the expertise they need. In-depth knowledge of current standards and regulations, such as the FDA in the USA or the CE standard in Europe, guaranteeing customers mastery of strict regulations to ensure the safety of medical products. And solid processes for identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks associated with the development of intrinsically critical products.

“Debiotech has always been at the forefront of innovation as a research and development company. This pivot is the next logical step in our evolution. We put the patient at the center of our approach, and above all we understand our customers’ needs perfectly, because we’ve been through these processes ourselves, and we master them perfectly,” explains Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, CEO of Debiotech.


About Debiotech

Debiotech, founded in 1989 and ISO13485 certified, has been active in the medical technology sector for over 30 years. Its business model is to develop all or part of its customers’ breakthrough medical devices, striving to improve patients’ lives through continuous innovation. With this strategic move, Debiotech confirms its commitment and willingness to serve its partners.

For further information, visit Debiotech Website or email Marie Burel-Duton: