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Timeline raises CHF56 Million and partners with L’Oréal

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Already backed by Nestlé, the Swiss Health Valley startup co-founded by former EPFL President Patrick Aebischer, now counts a second leading multinational among its investors: L’Oréal.



The fact that L’Oréal is investing in Timeline, a pioneering longevity brand, demonstrates the cosmetics giant’s interest in this fast-growing trend,” says Chris Rinsch, co-founder of the start-up. Mitopure, our exclusive, patented ingredient, can therefore have an immense impact on the industry and beauty in general.”

Timeline, (ex. Amazentis), the start-up co-founded by Chris Rinsch, Patrick Aebischer, Pierre Landolt and André Hoffmann, has been offering, since 2020, in the United States, dietary supplements based on urolithin A, a pomegranate derivative. These capsules should help preserve the quality of mitochondria, whose main role is to provide cells with the energy they need, for better ageing. In 2023, the brand took the next step by launching cosmetic products containing urolithin A.

“Last year, we almost tripled the brand’s sales compared to 2022,” insists Chris Rinsch. This remarkable growth was partly fuelled by our expansion into skin care. We are still exclusively distributed online, mainly in the USA and Switzerland. Imagine the growth potential with omnichannel distribution and geographic expansion into other countries.”

In a press release, Barbara Lavernos, deputy chief executive officer in charge of research, innovation and technology at L’Oréal, points out that “longevity means living longer and in better health” and that the company has been working for a decade to “understand and anticipate what this means in beauty”. She adds that the investment in Timeline is “exciting for its potential to transpose key notions of longevity into the field of skin health.”


Source: Press Release