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FIT - Doopl and Rea

FIT loans CHF 500,000 to Doppl and CHF 100,000 to Rea Diagnostics

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DOPPL, a leader in organoid engineering for disease modelling and personalised medicine, has received a Tech Growth loan of CHF 500,000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), while Rea Diagnostics, specialising in the detection of premature births, has received a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100,000.



DOPPL, organoids for the future of personalised medicine

Using its unique data platform, its ‘biobase’, DOPPL is revolutionising drug discovery. By combining these proprietary organ and disease models from a highly diverse population of individuals, a data layer that characterises individuals and their clinical responses, and the first fully automated organoid workflow, which enables large-scale drug testing on these complex in vitro tissues, DOPPL is creating a paradigm shift in drug development, enabling the right combination of treatments to be found for efficacy in each patient.

DOPPL’s solution is aimed primarily at pharmaceutical companies in the pre-clinical phases, enabling them to discover new approaches to the complex diseases affecting our society today, as well as reducing the risks involved in developing these drugs. DOPPL’s solutions are already on the market and are the subject of recurring contracts with several customers. The technology has also been clinically validated for cystic fibrosis.

The CHF 500,000 Tech Growth loan from FIT will be used to develop the regulatory strategy and certify the laboratories, as well as to finance the expansion of the team.



Rea Diagnostics breaks new ground in the diagnosis of premature births

Rea Diagnostics is revolutionising the detection of preterm birth risks in pregnant women with its unique, non-invasive testing technology. Employing advanced antibodies to accurately identify biomarkers of prematurity in vaginal secretions, this start-up has created an innovative and cost-effective solution unmatched in today’s market. Building on the success of preliminary studies conducted in collaboration with EPFL and CHUV, Rea Diagnostics has demonstrated the potential and reliability of its technology in early trials.

Thanks to a CHF 100,000 Tech Seed loan from FIT, Rea Diagnostics is now poised to take a significant step forward. This funding will support the company’s efforts in conducting clinical trials aimed at product approval. The immediate focus of the company is on harnessing this momentum to bring their groundbreaking solution to market in 2025.



Source: FIT