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Nobel Laureate Prof. James Rothman and Drug Discovery Expert Dr. John Baldoni join Gnubiotics as Senior Advisors

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The Swiss company has been able to recreate the unique diversity of glycan structures found in breast milk, nature’s perfect food, and has developed a broadening pipeline of product candidates to boost the microbiome.



Swiss biotech Gnubiotics Sciences SA, a pioneering company in glyco-immunology research to develop human therapeutics, announced the appointment of two highly respected individuals as senior advisors to its management team. Prof. James Rothman, Nobel Laureate and Chairman of the Department of Cell Biology at Yale School of Medicine, and Dr. John Baldoni, former Senior Vice President of Platform Technology and Science at GSK, will bring their extensive experience and knowledge to support Gnubiotics Innovative New Drug (IND) applications for its glycopeptide assets with a view towards in-human clinical trials.


Prof. James Rothman is one of the world’s most distinguished biochemists. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2013 for his work in the field of vesicle trafficking, which revolutionized our understanding of how cells are organized and how they form and secrete glycoproteins. He previously served as Vice Chairman of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, as Chief Science Officer of GE Healthcare, and as senior advisor to R&D leadership at several biopharma companies, most recently GSK and Eli Lilly.


John Baldoni is a renowned drug discovery and development expert, with extensive experience in all aspects of drug development, from basic research to scale up and market authorization. He served as the Senior Vice President of Platform Technology and Science on GSK’s R&D Executive Team. He also headed an innovative AI-drive drug discovery unit. Mr. Baldoni brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Gnubiotics, and his expertise will be invaluable in helping the company achieve its goals.


We are honored to have such distinguished individuals join us in our mission to advance glycopeptides in areas of unmet clinical need. Prof. Rothman’s extensive experience in biotechnology, as well as his numerous successful drug research programs, make him an invaluable addition to our team. Dr. Baldoni’s background in all aspects of drug development, from basic research to market authorization, will add a layer of regulatory guidance and provide us with critical insights as we continue to innovate in this field.

We believe that with the addition of Prof. Rothman and Mr. Baldoni, we have assembled a team of world-class experts that will enable us to drive innovation and make significant contributions to glycan-mediated immunotherapy. We look forward to the insights and guidance they will provide to our team in the years to come”, said Richard Laube, Executive Chairman of Gnubiotics.


With these appointments, Gnubiotics is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to glycopeptide-based therapeutics and achieve its goals of providing oncology solutions.


Source: Press Release