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Lunaphore | Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies

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Lunaphore was selected as one of the top 10 spatial biology companies in the world


Lunaphore Technologies has been selected by GEN as on of the top 10 spatial biologics companies. The first top-10 list for spatial biology combines the five largest public companies and five largest private companies.

Spatial biology is among the smaller segments of the broader Life Sciences market. The field made its way into the mainstream of genomic science when, under the term spatially resolved transcriptomics, it was unanimously recognized in January by editors of Nature as Method of the Year 2020: “This maintenance of spatial context is crucial for understanding key aspects of cell biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, tumor biology and more, as specialized cell types and their specific organization are crucially tied to biological activity and remain poorly explored on the scale of whole tissues and organisms.”

Bringing spatial technology into mainstream labs studying cancer and other diseases is the goal of Lunaphore Technologies. Last month, the Swiss spatial biology company launched a partnership of undisclosed value with the Institute of Pathology at University of Bern, through which its Translational Research Unit will use Lunaphore’s COMET™ high-multiplexed immunostaining technology to study isolated cancer cell clusters called tumor buds in colorectal cancer. By expanding understanding of tumor budding events, the partners said, they also aim to improve cancer prognosis as well as personalised medicine.


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