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MindMaze – “Gamifying rehabilitation for stroke survivors”

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Tej Tadi, founder of MindMaze, redefines stroke treatment via virtual reality


The Guardian highlights MindMaze‘s advancement in the field of stroke survivor rehabilitation through the use of inspirational Swiss innovation.

Tej Tadi, neuroscientist, engineer and entrepreneur, founded MindMaze in 2012 after working for years in hospitals and observing first-hand the lack of efficiency in stroke sequelae treatments. The solution, provided by MindMaze, which can be used more often and more frequently than traditional treatments, reconnects lost brain functions through neuroscience and virtual reality. After 7 years, the launch of MindMotion Pro, FDA approval and over 1300 patients whom have received this treatment, MindMaze is now entering the American market, where someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds.

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