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Canton Neuchâtel

New training course: chemical & pharmaceutical production technologist

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Close collaboration between biopharmaceutical companies & Canton de Neuchâtel


The Canton of Neuchâtel will open up a new dual-mode training route to meet the needs of the Neuchâtel economic fabric. From the beginning of the school year 2021-2022, training as a chemical and pharmaceutical production technologist will be offered in the Canton of Neuchâtel. In this way, the Canton wishes to meet the needs of companies in the biopharmaceutical sector that wish to develop and invest in the training of apprentices.

This new dual-mode training programme, i.e. that of a chemical and pharmaceutical production technologist, for which the length of training required to obtain the CFC is three years. For first-year apprentices, all professional courses will take place at the Technology and Industry Centre on the site of the Centre Professionnel du Littoral Neuchâtelois (CPLN), alongside CFC laboratory technicians (biology or chemistry orientation). Only the inter-company courses (CIE) will still be held in Canton of Valais. This complex and demanding training offers many job prospects after the CFC, in a field where skilled labour is in great demand.

Press Release (in French)