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New Biologix - licensing

NewBiologix announced a licensing agreement with Florabio AS

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NewBiologix SA announced a licensing agreement with Florabio AS to genetically engineer their proprietary HEK293 cell line.



NewBiologix’s innovative approach stands to replace the industry-standard transient transfection methods, offering a stable, more reliable, and scalable solution for biopharmaceutical companies developing gene therapies.

Under the terms of the agreement, NewBiologix acquired rights to use Florabio’s HEK293 suspension cell line for research and commercial applications. Leveraging proprietary genomic data, NewBiologix plans to engineer the FlorabioHEK293 cell line and select highly characterised clones with exceptional growth, expansion, and transfectability properties.

“NewBiologix’s founding mission is to help biopharmaceutical companies develop and manufacture cutting-edge gene therapies that are safer, more effective and at scale. Our engineered HEK293 cell line will be foundational for us to help our customers deliver population-scale manufacturing to patients in need by maximising the production of safer and functional vectors.”, says Igor Fisch, NewBiologix CEO and Co-founder.

“We share NewBiologix’smission in helping biopharmaceutical companies produce gene therapies in a shorter time and more cost efficient by delivering scalable solutions.”, says Cam Edrem, Founder and CEO of Florabio.



Source: press release