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Leenaards prize

Leenaards Prize awarded to two CHUV research groups

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The two Leenards scientific prizes were awarded to research groups led by CHUV researchers.



Each year, the Leenards Foundation awards scientific prizes for projects combining basic and clinical research, carried out by research groups in the Lake Geneva region. For 2024, a total of nearly CHF 1.4 million has been awarded to the following two project:


Dr Angela Koutsokera, from the Pneumology Department at CHUV, for her research into the use of bacteriophages, alongside Dr Grégory Resch, researcher at CRISP, in collaboration with EPFL. These viruses, which are widely present in wastewater, are used to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, particularly in the treatment of respiratory infections.


Prof. Gilles Allali, head of the Memory Centre at the CHUV and full professor at the FBM, for his research into the early detection of Lewy body disease. This is the second most common cause of neurodegenerative dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. Using robotics, this research group, in collaboration with the EPFL, is exploring the relationship between the induction of visual hallucinations – one of the signs that can help detect this disease – and changes in brain activity.


The scientific prizes will be presented at the Rendez-vous sciences & santé Leenaards, on Thursday 21 March, starting at 6pm, in the AGORA building on the CHUV hospital campus in Lausanne.



Source: CHUV
📸 : Alban Kakulya