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SOPHiA GENETICS Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Multimodal Health Data Analysis

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The agreement is to expand and reinforce data-driven medicine through the SOPHiA DDM™ health data analysis platform available with Microsoft Azure


SOPHiA GENETICS™ (Nasdaq: SOPH), a cloud-native software company in the healthcare sector based in Lausanne (Switzerland), is embarking on a multi-year integrated strategic partnership with Microsoft to improve healthcare workflows globally. This investment in the development of next-generation healthcare will lead the way in enabling multimodal data curation, development, and deployment. As a result, the Microsoft Azure-powered SOPHiA DDM™ Platform is expected to elevate the standard of care for patients, by delivering advanced outcomes for precision medicine.

SOPHiA GENETICS’ global network breaks down data silos, allowing the democratization of data-driven medicine by connecting institutions that leverage diverse multimodal data sets on the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform. Multimodal health data sets can be the largest and most complex to structure, analyze and archive, and this wide-ranging partnership will focus on accelerating results, improving performance, and ultimately enhance medical research by propelling the transition to precision medicine globally.

“With Microsoft’s scale and the power of the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform, this partnership will help improve clinical outcomes and make patient care more efficient and personalized,” said Jurgi Camblong, PhD., Co-Founder and CEO, SOPHiA GENETICS. “SOPHiA GENETICS will help accelerate the transition to a decentralized care model for hospitals, healthcare providers and biopharma by breaking down data silos and delivering innovation at scale.”

“SOPHiA GENETICS’ mission is to democratize data-driven medicine. Microsoft is pleased to support this mission by providing secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, alongside SOPHiA GENETICS’ advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and technologies that can help generate actionable insights, which can lead to better health outcomes,” said David C. Rhew, M.D., Global Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft.

This strategic partnership expands on SOPHiA GENETICS’ and Microsoft’s collaboration. SOPHiA GENETICS offers its AI and machine learning SOPHiA DDM™ Platform on Azure, by leveraging various Azure services that enable greater efficiencies and open opportunities for advancing tools to unlock important medical and genomic data. With the addition of the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform, providers utilizing Azure will scale their ability to aggregate multimodal data types to extract insights within existing workflows for their pursuit to deliver the best care possible. As one of Microsoft’s chosen partners for precision medicine, SOPHiA GENETICS will help accelerate the transition to a decentralized care model for hospitals, healthcare providers and biopharma, by breaking down data silos and delivering innovation at scale.

Source: Press Release