According to the 2021 edition of the Swiss Biotech Report, the Swiss biotech sector has once again gained in importance in 2020, a trend that the ongoing coronavirus crisis will further intensify in the coming years.

In 2020, the life sciences sector achieved a record export value of CHF 99.09 billion, representing alone 44% share of total Swiss exports this year.

Swiss biotech companies raised a total of CHF 3.44 billion, their best year ever. CHF 2.7 billion were invested in public companies, and private biopharmas and biotechs (i.e. not listed on the stock exchange) raised a total of CHF 747 million in capital.

The western part of Switzerland was ahead of the Zurich region (CHF 136 million) for the second year in a row with CHF 173 million raised. However, the Basel region, the stronghold of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry, far surpassed other regions in this respect, raising CHF 438 million in 2020.