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Vaud Economic Affairs 2023 annual report

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Performance and stability characterise the 2023 report published by the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI).



Despite a complex geopolitical context, Vaud’s economic development agency successfully fulfilled its mission: 733 business projects received financial support in 2023, with an increase of almost 20% in aid for internationalisation. The number of foreign companies setting up in Vaud remained stable at 28.

“The Canton of Vaud benefits from a solid network of partners, involved on a daily basis in promoting the economy and tourism. In 2023, more than a thousand businesses and project leaders benefited from the various support measures put in place by the Vaud government, particularly in the areas of innovation and sustainability,” explains Isabelle Moret, head of the Department of the Economy, Innovation, Employment and Heritage (DEIEP).

Medtech startups are making their mark

In 2023, Vaud-based start-ups raised €444 Million, and 29 of them feature in the Top 100 best start-ups in Switzerland. The medtech (medical technology) sector was particularly well represented in 2023: 52% (or €198 Million) of Swiss medtech investments went to Vaud-based start-ups.

Guillaume DuPasquier, CEO of highlights the importance of the Vaud economic development agency support, saying that “it reinforces our commitment to digital health innovation within our region”.


You can read the full report (in French) via the following link.



Source: Annual report