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BioAlps Incyte

🔺4à6 BioAlps at Incyte🔺

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On 22 September 2022, Jonathan Dickinson, executive vice-president at Incyte, received the Swiss Health Valley Community in Morges.


About 70 people participated at the BioAlps 4à6 event at Incyte, and had the opportunity to listen to:

  • Ela Zawislak, Head of Public Affairs, Incyte EuropeHead of Public Affairs, Incyte Europe Incyte
  • Ekaterine Asatiani, Division Vice President and Head of Early Development
  • Mélanie Ostrini, Executive Director, Global TechOps Strategy & Projects
  • Hervé Lamarque, Regional Vice President, Head of Pricing, Access and Business Development Europ


Incyte Facts and Figures:

  • 2 000 employees in 14 countries (2/3 in R&D)
  • 53 clinical trials in Europe
  • 22 molecules developed
  • 28 disease areas
  • 50% of revenue invested in R&D


🙏🏼 The BioAlps’ team would like to especially thank Axelle Magne de la Croix and Elżbieta Zawiślak for the great organisation.


💡If you want us to help your company set up à 4à6 Event, please send us an email:


📽 GGBa | Invest Western Switzerland, Pierre-Yves Oehrli 🙏🏼