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Agora Care-milestone

Agora Care celebrates 10’000 patients and a new collaboration with Caduceo

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The Campus biotech startup, recruited over 10’000 patients on its Agora Care platform.



This marks an inflection point of the acceleration of Agora Care patient recruitment from early pilot projects to extended recruitment in several large radiology and healthcare networks in Switzerland.

Agora Care is developing a patient-centered platform for storage and communication of medical images. The Agora Care solution gives patients the opportunity to be fully in control of their medical images using a simple web-based platform, allowing them to share the results of imaging procedures with medical practitioners and healthcare providers anywhere in the world at any time.

Caduceo integrates Agora Care platform

Caduceo, a portal service for healthcare organisations, professionals and patients announces its collaboration with Agora Care SA Care.

This collaboration will give patients and care provider an extended access to imaging data directly from the cloud based Caduceo medical record. This project also emphasizes the unique framework developed by Agora Care allowing patients to contribute to research projects and clinical trials.

“We are thrilled to undertake this collaboration with CADUCEO,” said Pr. Osman Ratib, CEO of Agora Care. “Caduceo provides the perfect match to our image sharing platform with a link to their web-based platform aimed to interconnect professionals and patients that will facilitate the access to imaging results”

“We are delighted about this opportunity to integrate this new imaging platform in our patient electronic medical record,” said Ronald Welz, strategic Director of CADUCEO. “Our team is working with Agora Care team for developing a seamless integration of both platforms which will facilitate access to imaging results performed in different imaging centers ”.


Source: Agora Care