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FONGIT Innovation Fund (FIF) awards funding to Geneva-based tech projects

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A seed loan of CHF 100,000 has been granted to previous FIF Grant laureate and HUG spinoff HeroSupport. One grant of CHF 50,000 has been awarded to HUG project SmellRS.



The FIF supports innovative technological startups and scale-ups at different stages of their journey with three types of financing options: the FIF Grant (up to CHF 50,000), the FIF Seed Loan (up to CHF 100,000) and the FIF Growth Loan (up to CHF 400,000).


Seed loan of CHF 100,000 awarded to HeroSupport

HeroSupport has won a convertible FIF seed loan of CHF 100,000, having previously received a FIF Grant of CHF 50,000 in 2021.

HeroSupport aims to make cancer treatment more precise and effective through their innovative medical devices. By transforming imaging or treatment tables into personalized supports, patients no longer have to adjust to the table, but the table adapts to each patient in a unique way.

This new technology has many benefits including reduced treatment costs, improved comfort for patients, reduced duration of the treatment, and reduced side-effects by eliminating x-ray imaging. Dr. Giovanna DiPasquale, CEO of HeroSupport, is a Medical Physicist at the HUG.

Grant of CHF 50,000 awarded to SmellRS

A project from the HUG, SmellRS is developing an ambitious and innovative technology for early detection of Alzheimer’s as well as restoring smell loss.

SmellRS is led by Dr Julien Wen Hsieh of the HUG’s Department of Otolaryngology (ENT) and Cervicofacial Surgery.


Applying to the FIF

The FIF meets several times a year to evaluate and award startups with funding. The next deadline to apply for the FIF is March 13th, 2024. Entrepreneurs may learn more and apply.



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